We are a niche immigration law firm based in London. We work with a vide range of clients across variety of sectors. The driving force behind our success is our motto "NO MORE PENALTIES".
We strive to help our clients being compliant to various regulations when it comes to Tier 2 or any other immigration related rules.
We have the technical means to verify the authenticity of documents deposited by the employees, ensuring that the employers can do their normal business without worrying about illegal employees.

Our Team

Headed by Lutfur Rehman, our team consists of solicitors, professional administrative personnel and job consultants.


  • Audits of personnel files to ensure compliance with law and policy.
  • Audits of HR systems, procedures and documentation.
  • Help with pre-registration preparation, registration and maintaining your sponsorship.
  • Preparation on passing the UK Border Agency audit.
  • Training HR people to become immigration experts.
  • Telephone helpline and support.
  • Preparation of applications and cases to be filed with the UK Border Agency or at embassies abroad.
  • Representation against UK Border Agency offences.

  • Compliance with procedures to recruit and process certificate of sponsorships under the Tier 2 criteria.
  • Executive transfers to the UK.
  • Being your contact and Level 1 User on the Sponsorship Management System.
  • Working with businesses to implement HR systems, procedures and documentation to ensure immigration compliance
  • Carrying out audits at fixed intervals throughout the year of personnel files and HR systems to ensure continued compliance
  • Preparation of applications and cases to be filed with the UK Border Agency or at Embassy's abroad
  • Providing telephone and email support to HR teams
  • Providing bespoke training and updates
  • Advising on transferring staff to and from the UK
  • Help with renewing your sponsor license